Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Widowed by the ‘war’

We’ve all seen the adverts and the social media are constantly talking about it, Call of duty modern warfare three has arrived. I think I’ve got a headache already, I spent the whole of yesterday searching for the best deal because “babe your better at it than me” I finally found the deal the hubby was looking for and with all the excitement in the air; I went for a nap. Just when I thought I had escaped the call of duty talk; my house was full of family members all discussing teams, clans, strategies and who was going to better. I tried to defuse the debate by putting in my own input “it doesn’t really matter whose better” the crunch line “it’s just a game.” I thought they were going to hang me there and then so I escaped to the kitchen, is it too early for vodka?

            It didn’t matter what I was doing or where I went I couldn’t escape it, the girls were telling me daddy was getting a new game, the phone was ringing to ask about meeting times even the checkout lady in Tesco’s was talking about it, I had to ask myself if I had lost my marbles. With the girls in bed I was ready to catch up on my ‘trash’ television and do absolutely nothing until bedtime, it wasn’t to be; how did I not know that hubby had to get into his ‘war’ mode? God forbid he gets beat by his nephew/friend; he was going to practice (on the old one) until quarter past eleven – the only way is Essex had to wait.

Now I know I watch some terrible car crash TV but surely that’s better then hearing: capture the flag, the other team has the flag, enemy missile inbound.  I was starting to feel like I was in the war, the war (whispers) that is just a game. Hubby went off to the supermarket to get his copy at midnight (wtf) he stood queuing for over an hour, is one game really worth this? I honestly thought that once he got home he would go to bed, wrong. To be honest I think I was a little naive thinking he would go to bed but as he had to be up and out by half seven in the morning I thought he’d get some sleep. By half three I had lost the plot, his language was terrible and he was shouting, I was upstairs and felt like we were in the same room. I stamped down the stairs and very nicely (depending on your version of nicely) asked him to be quite. He responded in mumbles that quickly turned into “where are you, I need help I’m at the back”

Today is another day, the ‘war’ continued into the hours of this morning and no doubt I will have a tired hubby when he arrives home, I wonder though; would it be funny to hide his remote control tonight? I think this game is going to be here for the long haul, another year probably, I can only hope the volume stays low and the language kept to a minimum. Mums world needs to sleep and as I am now a widow to the ‘war’ I WILL be getting some sleep tonight.

I would like to take this opportunity to send my condolences to the other gaming widows that are no doubt out there, may you get a good pair of earplugs and an even better night sleep. My bed shall be spacious but no doubt there will a little body lying with me by morning, a silver lining to the ‘war’

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