Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bribing Santa

The girls recently spent the night with their grandparents while hubby and I spent the night in a hotel, an enjoyable night for everyone; the girls are ‘granddads angels’. After picking the girls up I was handed an envelope to post, addressed to Santa, the North Pole. I thought I’d have a read, Christmas is close and I’m open to all present ideas (well at least I thought I was) Below is my eldest’s daughters letter (with help from granddad) and in it if I’m not mistaken she is trying to bribe Santa, well I for one have learnt something new, Santa will except the best cookies in the world to over look the not so good behaviour, the elves will work extra hard for your child if he/she leaves them a little something for Santa to take back.

It truly is amazing how the weeks leading up to Christmas our daughters behaviour goes from average to brilliant, I for one will not be knocking it though. The Christmas shopping will begin very shortly but it’s safe to say Santa will not be able to get everything on her list, I’m sure Santa can manage some of it but he certainly will not be trying to get an Ipad amongst other things on the list.

Happy letter writing to my readers

Dear Santa,

I think I have been a very good girl most of this year; I know you only come to good boys and girls but when I have been naughty it’s not always my fault. That time in the bathroom with all of mummy’s shampoos and soaps was an accident, well sort of we wanted to make bubbles; do you like bubbles?  Oh and the time when we put the toilet roll all over the living room and kitchen wasn’t naughty either because we were just decorating. I think my sister has been very naughty but please don’t put her on the naughty list because mummy says its not fair if only one of us gets sweets and the other doesn’t, I think she will think the same about presents. Daddy said she’s too young to understand but I think she does because that time we tipped the flour over the table was her idea.

  I promise to be very very very good for the rest of this year and to bake you the best cookies in the whole wide world. I will tell mummy to get the best carrots Morrison’s have so I can fill the reindeer’s tummies up as well. You must be careful because our roof is very slippy, daddy says he will fix it in time but mummy is always telling him to fix stuff that he doesn’t. Santa you make mummy cross when you leave your magic dust and footprints all over the house, I do tell her it’s not on purpose though. Mummy shouts at the hover when it doesn’t Hoover the magic dust up properly so maybe you could bring her a new hover so she doesn’t get cross. I love your magic dust, I love how it sparkles everywhere, and sometimes it gets it my hair, well it does when I put it there, I don’t want mummy to clean it up but she says we have too.

            I have thought long and hard about my list this year Santa and I know it’s big and I might not get everything on it but I do really really like everything and I couldn’t choose; I will be sure to leave the elves a present for their hard work.

Please can I have?

·         Everything Barbie in the book mummy has

·         A go-kart without pedals

·         An I pad like granddads so we can be the same

·         Lots of Lego

·         Magic kit

·         All of the Disney stuff that I saw in Disneyland

·         The soap maker I saw on television

·         Puppy in my pocket

·         The Phineas and Ferb collection

·         A sledge, just in case it snows

·         Some board games

·         The laser pen drawing game

·         A princess castle

·         Pottery wheel

·         A music player like daddy’s

·         A reading pad like mummy’s

·         A wagon so I can pull my sisters around

·         A new bike

Thank you, I will be waiting for your letter back, Lots and lots of love


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