Tuesday, 22 November 2011

santa's reply.........

Last weeks blog contained a copy of our eldest daughter’s letter to Santa, this week I bring you Santa’s reply. Our eldest woke up one morning to find a red envelope sitting on top of the fireplace with her name on the front. Squeals of delight and endless questions of ‘how did he know that? Magic dust over the floor as she shook the letter in excitement it is a memory I will hold forever.

Dear ……………..

Thank you for your recent letter, I love receiving letters from all of the boys and girls from around the world. You are right, I have a naughty and nice list, I watch all of the boys and girls and only visit the good ones. I was watching when you decorated the house with toilet roll and when you used all of your mummy’s soap and even when your sister tipped over all of the flour, you must try to be a good girl for the rest of the year and yes I love bubbles; so does Rudolph.

            I have seen that you have been doing very very well at school this year, well done on your spelling test last week you were brilliant. I will remember about your roof being slippy and will be sure to tell the reindeers to be careful, thank you for telling me.

            Please tell your mummy I am very sorry for the mess I cause in your house and will try very hard to shake off the magic dust before I come in but im glad that you like it. I love sitting down in front of your fireplace to eat your lovely cookies and mince pies, you really are a great baker; I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

            I have looked over your list and I have checked it twice, you are right it is a very long list. I will see what I can do with the list but as it is so big I’m sure I wont manage all of it but I will try my best; the elves are very busy working hard to make all of the toys for all of the children in the world.  

            Remember to be good and try your best at everything you do, good luck in your competition but remember it’s the taking part that counts. Make sure you go to bed nice and early on Christmas eve and straight to sleep; I know when you are sleeping and when your awake.

                                 Merry Christmas

                                  Santa xxx

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  1. Hi!! Adorable blog. I am your latest Follower who found you through Circle of Moms:) Super cute Santa letter...My little ones also got a letter from Santa, they found it beside the eaten cookies and milk on Christmas morning and were absolutely thrilled! Those are the memories they will cherish forever:) Keep up the great blog and please take a minute to check out mine and Follow back. I love connecting to other mommy bloggers:)